our whisky & the label

single cask whisky, bottled naturally

Our carefully selected whiskies are bottled straight from a single cask, without the addition of any water, colouring or chill-filtration. This is whisky in its most natural form, retaining all of the aroma, flavour and texture that has taken years or even decades to slowly develop.

the name tells a story

During the selection process, our tasting panel writes notes that reflect the individuality of each cask. For us, aroma and taste evoke strong memories of taste, moments and places.

by the numbers

Each of our releases have a unique number that represents the
distillery and then the cask number that we have released from that distillery. For example, 29.230 is the 230th single cask we have released from distillery 29, hailing from the wind-swept southern shores of Islay.

As no two casks are the same, and we are selecting from a warehouse of thousands of barrels, each release is different, in both age and cask type.


By focusing on the distinctive quality of each barrel we bottle, knowing the name of the distillery of origin becomes less important - the flavours, aromas and true character are what matters most. You won't find the distillery name on our label, instead, we encourage you trust your own senses.

Whether it comes from the most famous single malt distillery in the Highlands, or a grain whisky from the Lowlands, what matters most is what lies beneath the cork.