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single cask whisky, bottled naturally

Our carefully selected whiskies are bottled straight from a single cask, without the addition of any water, colouring or chill-filtration. This is whisky in its most natural form, retaining all of the aroma, flavour and texture that has taken years or even decades to slowly develop.

the name tells a story

During the selection process, our tasting panel writes notes that reflect the individuality of each cask. For us, aroma and taste evoke strong memories of taste, moments and places.

by the numbers

Each of our releases have a unique number that represents the
distillery and then the cask number that we have released from that distillery. For example, 29.230 is the 230th single cask we have released from distillery 29, hailing from the wind-swept southern shores of Islay.

As no two casks are the same, and we are selecting from a warehouse of thousands of barrels, each release is different, in both age and cask type.


By focusing on the distinctive quality of each barrel we bottle, knowing the name of the distillery of origin becomes less important - the flavours, aromas and true character are what matters most. You won't find the distillery name on our label, instead, we encourage you trust your own senses.

Whether it comes from the most famous single malt distillery in the Highlands, or a grain whisky from the Lowlands, what matters most is what lies beneath the cork.


Founded in 1983

During the early 1980's, a debate raged among a small group of friends in Scotland over whether whisky truly was at its best when it was bottled straight from the cask, or with a more commercial bottling process which included dilution and sometimes filtration. A man by the name of Pip Hill drove from Edinburgh to the Glenfarclas distillery in Speyside to put the argument to bed.

Returning to Edinburgh with his newly acquired cask, Pip and his friends threw an almighty party, not only to successfully prove the point that cask-strength, naturally bottled whiskies offer so much more, but also to help recover the cost of the whisky.

After the purchase of a second cask, the Society was formed - rapidly expanding into a successful commercial operation, with the founding of members rooms in Leith, Edinburgh, and the employment of staff dedicated to the sourcing and bottling of special casks of whisky.

Over the next 35 years, the SMWS has grown from its 5 founders in Edinburgh, to an international society with thousands of members around the globe. The spirit of the Society remains the same as ever: to leave no nose upturned, to bottle whisky in it's most natural form, and to share it with like-minded folk.


The home of the scotch malt whisky society in NZ:

Whisky Galore

834 Colombo Street
Christchurch, 8013
New Zealand

0800 944 759



upcoming tastings

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Tastings - Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch

We are expecting our latest outturn of SMWS bottlings to reach our shores in just a few short weeks and we are delighted to be bringing some of these brand new single cask releases to our main centres for our fitst tasting of the year.

Please do remember that these tastings are for non-members and members alike so if you have a friend that is interested in finding out a bit more about The Society or is just looking for an evening of great drams, please do encourage them to come along.


WHERE: The Wellington Club, Level 5/88 The Terrace, Wellington
WHEN: Wednesday the 27th of February, 6.30pm
PRICE: $63 for members ($68 for non-members)

 This tasting is now sold out. To go on the waiting list, please do e-mail us or give us a call on 03 377 6824.


WHERE: The Howff, 834 Colombo Street, Christchurch
WHEN: Thursday 28th of February, 7pm
PRICE: $63 for members ($68 for non-members)

 This tasting is now sold out. To go on the waiting list, please do e-mail us or give us a call on 03 377 6824.

partner bars


Members and non-members alike are welcome to browse a selection of our whiskies at any of our partner bars around the country. Please click on the logos below to be taken to each of our partner bars websites.